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"Give me pickles, or give me death!"

What makes our pickles different than most!? 
1. They are Chef Crafted in Small Batches  2. They are kept refrigerated for that perfect CRUNCH! 3. We use ZERO preservatives

"Our mission is to produce the most delicious Pickled Vegetables the world has ever tasted, using the freshest local ingredients possible while being environmentally conscious"

The Silly Dilly Pickle Chips are chocked full of Fresh Dill and are similar to a Bread & Butter Pickle because they have a touch of sweetness from the pure cane sugar we use in the Apple Cider Vinegar Brine. A touch of garlic and red pepper flakes round out the tanginess and a hint of clove and turmeric in the background
Our En Fuego (on Fire) Pickle Chips enjoy the same brine bath that our Silly Dilly's get, minus the Dill and with the addition of Fresh Sliced Jalapenos and Fresh Sliced Habanero Peppers!! A sweet heat that sets the taste buds ablaze!! Caution!! Highly addictive!!
Our Pickled Beets are like no other!! We cook them slightly but leave the crunch and then they take a Basil & Balsamic Brine bath with a little bit of Pure Cane Sugar, Garlic, Cinnamon and Red Pepper Flakes.


I'm 100% hooked on the sweet heat of the En Fuego pickles.  I have gotten several rounds of them now.  My favorite for sure.  Ordering and pickup is a breeze.  I highly recommend to all you pickle friends!

The en fuego are delicious!!! Just the right amount of heat!  And made by a pretty awesome human!

Got my regulars an hots today.  Man they are GOOOOOOOD.  Thanks Chef!

Had my first DJ Pickle this evening.  I consider myself a pickle expert and these are premium pickles.  Congratulations for perfect pickles.

Both the half-dills and the En Fuego are excellent!  Good crisp, great flavor.

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