About Us

DJ’s Pickles is an artisan pickling company based out of Asheville, NC that manufactures small-batch, chef-crafted pickles with a variety of fresh produce brined with unique flavor profiles and inspired by the rich agricultural community of western North Carolina. 


Our Mission

To cultivate the tradition of pickling in modern culinary practice to reduce food waste, inspire communities, and enhance food systems with integrity, purpose, and vision. We aim to consistently produce the highest quality pickled products for our partners and customers with an unwavering commitment to collaboration and customer appreciation. 



Peace, love and pickles


 Do DJ’s products need to be refrigerated?
Yes! The jars are not sealed to serve as shelf-stable. The cold pickle is designed to keep its crunch, color and flavor! Plus, they get sweeter at room temperature. While jars can be left out for a good dill of time (so long as not in direct heat)  and not go bad, acid changes can create undesirable fermentation. DJ’s Pickles are hot-brined and cold-processed. They generally hold their color and crunch for 5 months in the fridge!
Are DJ’s pickles gluten free? Vegan?
You bet your pickle on it. All of our products are Gluten-Free, made in a Gluten-Free facility, and contain no preservatives.
No animals were hurt in the making of any DJ’s Pickles product - including the char free sugar we use. We also share scraps with our animal friends.
What general ingredients do you use? 
We use pure Apple Cider Vinegar (no dyes and no artificial flavoring), pure cane sugar, Asheville’s finest water, Morton’s pickling salt and other specialty ingredients (such as Italian-import Balsamic Vinegar and RL Schreiber spices). 
Are DJ’s Pickles fermented? 
They are not - all of our brines are vinegar-based (ferment-derived), but do not go through a fermentation process.
This keeps the crunch and flavor of the fresh produce longer.